It seems that there are a lot more “nautical” boys names than girls names – so it took a bit to come up with suitable names for this crew.

Unfortunately birth order was impossible to determine in a c-section – just trying to wake them all up takes up all the concentration, but here are individual shots.   Boys first:


This is Captain, the larger of the two boys.  He is identifiable by the “semi-colon” on top of his head.


The other boy is Skipper.   Skipper has a half collar (nn the proper side!) with a point.  He is the smaller of the two boys by an ounce, not too big a distinction at this age.

Then there are the five girls:


First is “Jib” named for her triangular sail shaped scarf.    She is a slightly darker brindle.

Naomi James

The other dark girl is Naomi, who has a zig-zag marking on the back of her neck.   She is named for Naomi James , the first woman to circumnavigate the globe.

Grace O'Malley

 Grace O’Malley is named for a famous female Irish pirate.   She is the only one with a wide blaze that goes over the top of her head.

Jessica Watson


Jessica Watson is named for a 16 year old Australian girl who was the youngest female to circumnavigate the globe. She also has a half-collar on the proper side … bonus!


And last is Jenny – taken from the word Genoa – another name for a Jib sail.   She has a 3/4 collar and a  line going towards her back.

All seem to be doing well.   I’ve split the litter now because Jade seemed a little overwhelmed by the entire brood after the c-section, and everyone seems to be full and content.

Me, well its the typical lack of sleep and burning eyes…..

The Nautical Litter

After four nights of next to no sleep, and a c-section delivery – here they are.   The last of the Admiral progeny in Canada, Jade presented me with 5 girls and 2 boys this morning.   She had a bit of a shaky recovery from the surgery but is now happily nursing her brood.

Jade's first meeting with her brood