In pursuit of the Alphabet Soup – weekend #2

The second weekend was only two days of shows for Dolly, but she was Best of Breed the first day, and Best of Opposite Sex on the second, earning her second major (3 pts) and a 2 pt win. She has fulfilled 2 of the 4 criteria now – she has 4 judges , and has defeated other specials at 3 shows (actually she’s 5 and 5). She has 5 all-breed shows left and 2 specialties…keeping my fingers crossed she can finish. The next show is in 2 weeks and even select three of the four days would finish her.

Amigo also broke his dry spell. It appears he left his clothes in Canada, and has been showing in his underwear for 2 weeks. Well, someone finally took note that despite a lack of hair he is still a pretty darned nice little dog – and he went WD yesterday for his first American point.

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