Writing and editing and cropping and coding

Now that Carolyn has managed to get my home on the web back to a usable state (thank you again!!) I started doing some updating today.   Unfortunately there is a lot to catch up, and as I do one page, I realize that three more need fixing.   This is going to take a while!

One thing I need is pictures of dogs from previous litters.  Yes, that means you the people with Champions of the Couch also!!  A litter is not a litter if it only shows the champions!   I want the portraits, the cute and the bad dogs….all of it.

I have added a recent updates section to the bottom of the home page – so if you just want to see what is new – click on those.

I decided to take a break and do some reading of blogs and found this test on Carolyn’s blog.    So I tested a sample of my writing from a personal journal and got this result:

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I wish it had been more specific as to why my style is like his….it would be interesting to know.