Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

As you may have noticed, particularly if you are a regular follower, the website and blog have undergone some recent changes.  It has been a major process and not without its challenges.   A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Carolyn Cannon, of C-Myste for taking on the challenge when it appeared that my site and domain would be lost without Chris.   Despite an unrelenting tug-of-war between the old server and new for which site would appear at any given moment, and lost pages which needed to be recreated and have links validated she did an absolutely awesome job and my home on the web is once again safe.  Thanks also to Tom and the Cardi kids for being patient as she gave up her time to do this for me.  You are all wonderful 🙂

As usual, please send recent pictures – now that the site is in a format where I can update it, I hope to bring it more up to date with more than just show news.