Two Losses

Unfortunately amongst all of the good show news there has been some sad news in the Yasashiikuma family.

First shortly after Buddy joined the Klein family they suffered the loss of his uncle Kasha. Kasha was perfect dog with the exception of his problem of swallowing things whole. Unfortunately this proved to be his undoing.

Sympathies go out to Randy, Mandy and Micah on the loss of such a great dog. On the good news side Jade has joined their family as a “foster child” and seems to be fitting in very well, being treated like the princess she believes she is.

Another recent loss is Kayla – the puppy known as “Menorah” from the Hannukah litter born December 23, 1997. Kayla was 12-1/2 years old and is now romping with her brother Mattathias at the Rainbow Bridge. Again sympathies go out to Tony and Michelle Lapenna who have loved Kayla since she was an 8 week old puppy.

For any who have seen the Powerpoint Judge’s Education program that I wrote – Kayla is the little flop eared puppy with the unique eye patch to raise discussion on correctness of markings.  She had an eye patch like the dog in little Rascals – but it did not join the red on her ear.  Made for thought provoking discussion.   Kasha was the dog shown in the toy box with the little girl.    I am glad that the two of them will live on forever in that presentation 🙂

There is raw, there is ridiculous and the circle of life

I have had the dogs on raw and grain free for over 18 months now, and I’ve been very happy with the results.   However, today Libby and Chip decided that raw wasn’t raw enough!

They were loose in the big yard and I was in the living room, when I heard some snarling and a high pitched squeal.   I went running out to find Libby carrying a dead bunny and trying to keep it away from Chip. 🙁    She was a good girl and brought it to me and dropped it on command, but Chip was too fast to grab it off the ground and take off.   I was chasing him around the yard in socks on very damp ground (morning dew), and not at all impressed.   I finally got it away from him and he was not impressed with me throwing out his “caught it myself” meal.

One of the things I did this year was to raise chickens for eggs.  My intention was to only have a half-dozen, and get about 4 eggs a day.  Well the hatchery sent “20” – which actually turned out to be 21.  I found someone else to take 10 – and I have 11 Barred Plymouth Rock hens laying about 8 eggs a day.

They are free-range and run loose about the front yard all day.   When they see me come out of the house, or when I pull into the driveway they all come running.  Nothing like obedience trained chickens!!   Actually they want their water and grain and follow me around until they get it.

Having twice the number of hens I wanted has resulted in a severe surplus of eggs!!  So today I took about 10 dozen down to two shelters down in Orangeville, one for families and one for youth.  They were very appreciative and said the residents would definitely enjoy them!

This trip made me think a lot of how things have changed in the past 20 years.   I don’t know that there were actually that many women’s shelters around back when I could have used them, or if I even would have.   I know a lot changed after the murder of my cousin Barbra Schlifer back in 1980, when violence against women started to be brought to the forefront, and the first Take Back the Night marches took place in Toronto.   The clinic she had planned to open with her law partners now has been in operation for 25 years, defending women’s rights and victims of violence.

The sad tie to all of this is in the loss of my uncle, her father, last week.    Always a wonderful, cheerful person to be around, I honestly don’t know how he, my aunt and my cousin ever survived this tragedy.  At least now he is at peace, no longer haunted by that night.