Winter, Dolly & Amigo

Its been a long while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and blog. It’s been a very long and rough winter here in the north. Last Saturday we had so much fresh snow that I couldn’t get out of the front door and had to call for help to get freed from my prison. Here are some shots of what we got.

Snow on the deck – up to the window

Snow drifted up to the height of the hood of the van

A mountain of snow covering the walkway

Snow was drifited half as high as the storage sheds – where of course the gas was stored for the snow blower

This weekend was the beginning of the show season for Dolly. It WAS supposed to have started in February, but the trip to the Thunder Bay shows ended up in a disaster. Colin’s truck hit black ice and rolled. Thankfully all of the dogs were safely crated, and they were uninjured for the most part. Justin has a spinal injury and is recovering at home.

So Dolly’s show season started this weekend and was fairly successful. Out of the three days of the Scarborough Kennel Club she placed third in the group twice. I didn’t have professional pictures taken for Gr 3’s , but here she is with her ribbons.

See my haul for the weekend?

There was a Sanction Match on Friday night – and Amigo got to play showdog for the first time. He did well getting around the ring but wasn’t too sure of himself on the table. He actually got a Group 3 also, unfortunately in his case there were only three breeds in the group! However, the other two were a Beardie and a Sheltie, both in full adult coat…so it was expected. No photos of course, but here are some pictures of the little guy at home.

Amigo is still available to a show home, and he’s showing more and more potential. I would keep him, if I didn’t have 4 other males in the house.

Isn’t he a handsome little guy?

He loves to run in the snow

Amigo’s favourite frog

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