Puppies available

I have two show prospect male puppies available from:



I have two outstanding show males available from this litter. The sire of the litter, “Harvey”, is pictured going Winners Dog at the CWCCA National Specialty in 2008. He is a multi-group winner, and is #4 Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the United States.

The dam, Rocky, is a Canadian and American Champion. She was Reserve Winners bitch and Best Puppy at the Canadian National specialty. She is also the mother of the record breaking Best In Show bitch Ch. Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid (Dolly) – who was Best of Winners at the CWCCA National Specialty in 2009, Winners Bitch and first Award of Merit at the Three Trail Regional specialty the following day. Dolly is the first Canadian Bred Best in Show winning bitch, and the only Cardigan to ever place in the 43 year history of the prestigous Show of Shows in Canada.

The litter is line-bred on Percy (Am/Cdn Ch. Phi-Vestavia Nautilus) and has many dogs who have achieved national specialty wins liberally sprinkled throughout the pedigree including:

  • Am. CH. Myrddin Scotch Mist – Winners Bitch at the CWCCA National
  • Am. CH. Phi-Vestavia Good Gracious – Best in Specialty at the CWCCA National
  • Am/Cdn CH. Merrymoon Firestorm – Best of Winners at the CWCCA National ’98, Reserve Winners ’99, BOW Bluebonnet Specialty ’99 and BOW Delaware Valley Specialty ’99
  • Am. CH. Mariel’s Morgan Evans – Best of Winners at the CWCCA National ’99

These are the two boys at play, Amigo and Buddy. They were born on October 14, 2009, and have both been evaluated by several breeders internationally and deemed worthy of running on to achieve their championships.

Amigo is the more cuddly of the two puppies, preferring to follow Buddy’s lead. He is very gentle and would fit in well with older settled dogs with an already established “pack order”.

Buddy is the more independent puppy, and his curiousity and boldness take him everywhere first. He will need an experienced owner who can establish leadership early, as Buddy loves to test the limits, but does accept them when they are reinforced.

I would also consider a co-ownership placement in a performance home, where I would be able to show the boys myself in conformation, while they worked on the performance titles.

Please contact Shelley at the link on the website or phone 519-923-2681 for further details.

Snow making machine

Looks beautiful doesn’t it? This is a shot of Georgian Bay in the fall taken from the top of Blue Moumtain.

Blue Mountain is one of the ski resorts near Georgian Bay for a reason. Before the bay freezes, it has the nickname of “The Great Georgian Bay Snow Making Machine.”

Georgian Bay is about 200 miles long and 50 miles wide and covers an area of about 5800 square miles (accordiing to Wikipedia). This much freshwater does take time to freeze, so twice a year, before the bay freezes over, and when the ice is breaking up in the spring, the water temperature can be quite a bit warmer than the air causing “lake effect snow”.

On Wednesday the water temperature was 8°C and the air was -15°C in the morning. This was sufficient to fire up the snow making machine, since a difference of 13°C between the air and water temperature is all that is required with the high winds to pick up the moisture from the bay and drop it inland in the form of snow squalls. For a video of what they are like click here. This is actually mild – I’ve driven in them when you can’t see past the hood of your vehicle.

However this is what the driveway looked like Tuesday night.

And this is the remainder of a 6 foot fence.

We had three days of snow squalls up here – and today is beautiful and sunny. The dogs have been out in the yard and breaking trails. Here is a question:

Which path did the corgis make and which one is Brogan’s? 😀


We’ve had a change of plan and Buddy is available and looking for a show home. He is a half-brother to Dolly and his father is Harvey (CH. Mariel’s Harvest Moon). Please contact Shelley if you want further information.

If I didn’t already have three males in the house, I’d consider keeping him myself, but I think if I did, they would soon be sending out the guys in the pretty white coats with the butterfly nets 😉