Eden and the Chief

One of the most frustrating things that seems to be happening lately is that the most important wins are being captured in the worst photos – Dolly’s BOW at the National, and her Best in Show for example. However, this was an amazing win for a new “team” and needs to be celebrated.

“Chief” Best of Winners – Judge: James Frederiksen (TN, USA)

Huge congratulations go out to Eden and her puppy Chief (Yasashiikuma Burning Issue) on their very successful performance at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers show in British Columbia. In an entry of 3 dogs and 7 class bitches and a special – they came in Reserve on Saturday, and won Best of Winners on Sunday – for a 3 POINT WIN!! Nothing like getting the “major” in style!

Thank you to Dayl and Yolanda, and all of the others who cheered them on. This was Eden’s first show handling and one I’m sure she’ll remember for a long time!

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5 Responses to Eden and the Chief

  1. penni says:

    Great job! I sure wish I had a junior :)

  2. Dawn Fisher says:

    Please let her know how happy we are for her! That is an awesome win! Congratulations

  3. Eden’s first show!?? She did great with him, I didnt even know. What a great temperment on Chief too. He just rolled with all the happenings. It was a great win for them. Sounds like we *might* see them in our area next year.

  4. Tammy Kozoris says:

    My rough Collie Bella went BOW at that same show… and the picture is horrendous. lol!!!! I only ordered is as he’s a collie breeder judge. lol!!!!

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