Final results from Sudbury

Dolly had a tremendous weekend in Sudbury.

I guess I really cannot complain too much that she came in 2nd in the group to the #2 herding dog in the country! And to ask for much more than 3 Group 2’s, 2 Group 1’s and a Best In Show would really be greedy!

Next weekend is another decent panel for her, so hopefully there will be more good news (and pictures) to come!


I’m so excited I can’t even think straight.

Colin sent me a message to call him while I was still at the office. He said Dolly had a good day and got two Group 1sts.

He said Cheryl Myers-Egerton gave her a group 1 in the morning. Then in the afternoon David Markus also gave her a group one and sent her back to Cheryl, who gave her BEST IN SHOW!!

He slid it in there so sneakily!!! Telling me she won two group 1sts!!! ! was happy with that – but I have barely touched the earth since he told me about her BIS!!

No pics yet….I’lll get them up as soon as I can!