Catching up…. (and puppy news)

Sometimes I feel like faster I go, the behinder I get!! There just never seems to be any time

Here are a bunch of quick updates

Day 2 of the Western Reserve Specialty – Dragoon was Reserve Winners Dog under Nancy Cunliffe. Out of the six times Dragoon showed over the weekend he won his class all six times.

He is now back home – and will be having his Canadian debut at the Markham Kennel Club shows.

Despite Murphy’s attempts to throw me off track and prevent any litters from being born here this year, Rocky has been bred, thanks to the assistance of Rob Paterson and Kelly Shane. Of course I won’t know if it is successful for another few weeks, but at least the swimmers arrived without issue this time!

Jaime continues to improve, although she still wears her “track suit” when she’s outside, to prevent sunburn and insect bites on her naked side. Last week Robbie stayed at my house with her while I went to work, and to the Specialty. She was left alone for the first time today, and seems just fine, although I am paranoid of every unusual breath she takes. She is going everywhere with me – including to the CKC for an audit committee meeting. This photo was taken by Joe Mauro to introduce the latest committee member … Jaime! I plan to write an article for the next Bulletin on Chylothorax – if one more dog can be saved it will be worth the effort.

I think that is all the news. I’ll catch up on the weekend if anything more comes to mind.

Western Reserve Day 1

Day one is over and her are some photos

Dragoon won the youngest class in puppy sweepstakes and at the end came out with Best Of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweeps. He also won the 6 to 9 month old male class in regular judging

Hunter won the Veteran Sweepstakes handled by Madison again this year. They were a great team last year and are doing well again in 2009.

As well Chip won the Open dog class, Libby came third in the American Bred and Dolly came second in Open bitch.

Overall, a very successful day

Some good news…

Jaime continues to get stronger at home, and I now have to work to keep her quiet. She can’t understand why she needs to be leash walked and can’t go out to play in the yard with her friends. Even in the house she is getting too excited when being around the other dogs. I sure will be glad when her recovery period is complete and she can be free to run in the yard again although I think I am always going to have a little bit of paranoia now about her breathing!

I’ve also included a photo of Dolly from last weekend at Barrie. She won a Group 4 on the Saturday under Geoff Kill from Australia, and a Group 2nd on Monday under Jean Fournier from Georgia. Unfortunately our Canadian judges, with a few exceptions, still seem unable to find her!

This weekend we are in Ohio at the Western Reserve specialty. Will post news and photos as I can.

She’s home!!!

I was on the way to drop off Dolly for the Barrie show today when I got a call from the vet at OVC with the good news that he had removed Jaime’s chest tube and she was ready to come home because there was no more fluid around her lungs!

So thank you to everyone who was praying for her recovery….once again proof of the power of the power of prayer. Only 72 hours ago she was given less than an 50/50 chance….and her she is at home in her track suit enjoying the chest skritches she feels she has earned.