The Return of the Dragonflies

It looks like Chris has decided that I’m not quite ready to do without him. Today I went shopping with a dragonfly. For anyone who is a new reader to the blog you should read the posts here and here and here to underestand the significance.

Once again the gardens have been stripped of the excess growth, and unfortunately a large number of the perennials that had not yet identified themselves clearly. So I had to go shopping to buy replacements, and some annuals to add some colour to the garden.

I went to the Walmart garden centre down in Orangeville, and as I was looking at a plant trying to decide if I wanted it – a small dragonfly landed on it and looked right at me. It only lighted for a second and then hovered over to a slightly healthier pot of the same plant. So I picked it up instead.

This happened during my entire shopping trip. This dragonfly stayed with me, hovering from plant to plant drawing my attention to a few I hadn’t even considered.

I think I have a screw that is working itself loose, but these are Chris’ (or the dragonfly’s) choices for the garden this year 🙂

This is my second Dragonfly encounter this week. On Tuesday I had to go down to Toronto for a job interview. Having to drive in Toronto traffic, as well as getting stuck in a construction zone, made me a little rattled, since instead of having 45 minutes till my interview I was down to 10 and I still needed to park and figure out where the offices were. I finally found a parking spot, and a dragonfly landed on my windshield. It hovered up and down a few times, and when I got out of the truck, it came within 3 inches of my face – and then flew off.

If it was meant to calm me, it did. If it was a dragonfly version of a goodluck kiss, it worked. More next week.

92 in the shade


Today promises to be another brutally hot day outside. At 10:30 it was already 92 degrees, so the dogs are staying in the house even though their new kennel runs are finished.

Below are three pictures of where the kennel is at. I still need to get the doors finished and the interior in shape for the dogs to be in there during the day.

There are now 4 runs – 2 that are 10×10 and 2 that are 8×8. All of the runs will have a door to go into a separate interior pen in the building.

Between the two 10×10 runs is a 4 foot high wall. In this way none of the occupants of the runs can see the occupants of any other run. That should hopefully prevent the Fun Police (aka Rocky) from engaging in any prolonged barking because someone else is playing in which she isn’t included.

The remaining area is one huge gravel play area where puppies can play, or the big guy can be loose in.

Along with the kennel – the gardens are being whipped into shape in the front. The problem is that every year a pile of the prior years perennials get pulled out 🙁 This is getting to be expensive!

The grass in the rear is still being left for the horses. Here is Manitou, first just after the vet and now two weeks past his dental work. The poor old guy was looking very rough – but from the second picture you can see that he is starting to get some shine back into his coat and some more weight on his bones. Hopefully another few weeks and he’ll be back to himself fully again. This winter I am going to have no choice but to find somewhere to board them….it is impossible to find a reliable person to look after them while I am at work.

Three beautiful views

Here are three beautiful views that I shot this weekend.

First, here is Dolly free-stacked in the sunshine at the Monarch Kennel Club show. I so hope that she holds onto that coat for at least another two months!! I don’t want to be showing her in her underwear at Western Reserve again.

These two shots were taken at the same place facing in different directions. When I say that I live at the highest point of Ontario it means everything is downhill from here. I was on my way to pick up Dolly from Colin and noticed this view and had to capture it. This is going down the escarpment to the east.

I’ll need to try and remember to take my binoculars next time. I think the line of white on the right side is hangars at Base Borden but I’m not sure.

This is the view from the same spot looking south.

This is God’s country. 🙂