Canada’s Wonderland Rollercoaster – “Behemoth”

This picture of the latest rollercoaster addition to Canada’s Wonderland’s family of coasters, is really an accurate depiction of this week of my life. The ups, the downs, the twist and turns, and everything flying by at tremendous speed before I can make any sense of it.

As you know, the middle of the week brought the news that I was “restructured” out of Coty Canada Inc. It is sickening to know that the time that I gave them, instead of Chris, in the final months of his life has been repaid in such a manner. However, that is for the lawyer to deal with, not my friends.

Friday’s dog show was the pinnacle of the ride, as Dolly and Simon earned a group 1 under Betty McHugh. Here are some photos I managed to get with my mobile phone – unfortunately not the best photos, and hopefully I can get better ones in two weeks at Orono since its our first outdoor show.

This was the largest entry I have seen outside of a booster or specialty in Canada in years – with 4 class bitches and 4 specials – Chase as a lone dog special and three bitch specials.

I rushed downtown after the group to meet with the lawyer, and got back in time to watch Best in Show. It was quite the nail-biter, but it was won by Ch.GrandGables Wee Mr Red Thorn – a Mini Smooth Dachshund.

On the way home, it began to rain – or perhaps deluge would be a more appropriate word – requiring running dogs in and out of the house and truck in the rain….you could say it put a “damper” on the day 😉

Saturday, we had another rise, not quite as high as Friday’s result, when Dolly again won the breed under the Finnish judge, Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen amd a Group 3 under David Markus.

This morning, I walked into the building to be told by a number of people that I had won the 50/50 draw for which tickets were sold Saturday, to benefit a local person who was ill. What a great start to the day again.

The judges were switched from the previous day, and Dolly won the Breed under David Markus, and a third group placing – a group 3 – under Ms. Heikkinen-Lehkonen.

I think Dolly gave her best this weekend, and is now passed out behind my chair, recuperating!

Another nice side comment is that Chris’ mother and sister came to watch the show today, so I got to have a nice visit, however, the final dip was when I went to leave and realized I didn’t have my cell phone or my wallet and couldn’t find them anywhere in my equipment.

It turned out that I had left them in the washroom when I changed back to grubbies to carry things out to the truck!

Thank you, to whoever the honest exhibitor is that turned them into the show secretary, totally intact, including the 50/50 draw winnings 🙂

Dog people, in general, really are the best!! I can’t think of another venue where everything would have still been in my wallet when it was turned in, IF it was!

Three for three….

Aurora Kennel Club, Day 2.

Dolly and Simon are on a roll. Today under David Markus they took a group 3rd (no picture yet). That makes three times he’s been on her leash, and three group placements!

In the meantime here is a picture of Little Rocky, who we think has finished her championship but we were unable to reach the CKC to confirm how many points she had going into the weekend. Therefore we are keeping her in the classes, “just in case”!

Rocky is Champion #31 – and Corgi Champion #20 of my breeding 🙂

Worth 1,000 words………

The rollercoaster has reached another pinnacle.

Thank you, ever so much, to Betty McHugh for making this a wonderful day. Not only did Dolly win the herding group, but her litter sister Rocky (or “Little Rocky”) was Winners Bitch for 2 points, and her 1/2 brother Chase was Best of Opposite Sex.

The funny thing is that Betty awarded her mother Rocky – Best Puppy and Reserve Winners Bitch at the Canadian National Specialty in 2004 (in her underwear!! – Rocky, not Betty!!), the year it was in the Yukon.

One positive to losing my job….I got to watch Dolly show in Best in Show!

Family photos

The mailbox has been very, very busy this week…..

Here are Cai and Fergus newly transplanted to Saint John, New Brunswick. They are making sure to observe local regulations too! Such good boys!

Although I’m going to miss having their family local for visits, I’m sure they are all going to be happy on the east coast. And its not that far that a visit will be impossible.

Travelling down to Texas…Pete has a new sister, and a Bonnie lass she is, too! In fact that is her name 🙂 Pete has welcomed her into the family just like he welcomes everyone, as a potential new friend.

From down the penninsula Vicky has sent some pictures of Leeloo (Jaime’s sister formerly known as Austin) and Jon. It seems the two of them like to have high vantage points for sentry duty. Leeloo prefers the table as her post…

….while Jonathon prefers a higher vantage point.

When sentry duty is done its time to recharge the batteries.

I think this attraction to heights is some sort of family trait!