The Graduate

He is not impressed by the mortarboard, but we’re impressed with him. Vicky, Jon’s foster mother, has been taking him to obedience school and he graduated with an A+!

I had to laugh when Vicky writes:”We did look, sit, down, wait, heel, take it, leave it, drop it and lots of walking with pauses and turns, etc. He’s an amazing walker. He’s not fond of drop it/leave it when it is a food object involved. 😀 But it’s not really fair because the teacher uses liver! We would laugh though because she would throw toys at them and they’d have to leave them and we’d have to keep saying it during a talk. So Jonathon used the toy as a pillow instead and went to sleep.”

Good boy Jon!

My Golden Girl

Jaime hasn’t been seen out and about much lately, because as a puppy she took 9 points in one weekend, and then I put her away to grow up. For the past two years there has always been someone in the household needing more points. and so Jaime has just stayed at home patiently growing up and enjoying her role as “Flop-puppy”. Her nickname comes from the fact that she will flop on her side when anyone pets her like she doesn’t have a bone in her body. She has the sweetest temperament anyone could ever hope to see. This shot is straight out of the bath taken last Sunday. Unfortunately I can do the stacking, or the photography, but not both at the same time.

Now that she is the only one who is both a) old enough to show and b) unfinished in the household it is time to get her out for that last point and to think about her future. Not only is she solid gold outside….OFA and Healthgene say she’s that way internally too.

I’ve given a lot of thought as to where I wanted to go within my breeding program, and after three tightly linebred litters it is time to go “out”, and work with some new genetic material.

After considering a number of dogs out there, I have spoken to Penni and Carolyn about using Libby’s litter brother “Chase” (see his website). A breeding between Chase and Jaime will be a 12.9% inbreeding – based upon Hunter (2,4), Sisterwoods Pteri Tiger (4,5) and Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans (5,5). Close enough to carry on the strong traits, far enough to prevent doubling up on anything nasty. He also has all of his health clearances and is registered with the CHIC on the OFA database.

Pedigree of: Chase and Jaime Puppies
Am. Ch. C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness Am./Cdn. Ch. Merrymoon Firestorm MBISS Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Pirate’s Patch Am. Ch. Joster Geefax JW, HC, ROMS
Am./Cdn. Ch. Kentwood Lyneth ROMS
Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable MBISS Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT, CGC, TDI, ROMG
Am./Cdn. Ch. Rikarlo American Phi
Am. Ch. Mariel Reese’s Alice Springs BIS/BISS Am. Ch. Reese’s Bold As Brass Am. Ch. Spectrum Huff Of Larchmont
Am. Ch. Larchmonts Rainni Day ROMB
Am. Ch. Ironhill Valentine to Mariel Am. Ch. Davenitch Caboose on the Loose
Am. Ch. Mariel’s Ruby Slipper
Yasashiikuma Cerydwen Sorceres Am. Ch. Kingsbury’s I’m Harry P. Am. Ch. Larchmonts Bogus Am. Ch. Warwick Larchmont Bodacious
Am. Ch. Sisterwood’s Pteri Tiger
Am. Ch. Kingsbury Mirror Image Am. Ch. Pluperfect Pennywise
BIS/BISS Am./Cdn. Ch. Kingsbury’s Carbon Copy
Cdn. Ch. Yasashiikuma Sabra Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Uriel Of Caerleon Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Peter Pan
Am. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Trouble In Chaos
Cdn. Ch. Yasashiikuma Spiced Rum Am./Cdn. Ch. Merrymoon Firestorm
Cdn. Ch. Yasashiikuma Cinnamon Heart

Penny has graciously allowed me to bring Chase home from the Nationals and hopefully we will see some wonderful babies come from this breeding. If anyone is interested in further information just drop me a line.


Nope, its not the designated driver. For those who don’t get a chance to travel to the U.S. shows – this is Dragoon’s Daddy – Powell (BIS AM. CH. HEART OF GOLD POWER PLAY), bred and owned by Lisa Phillips, and shown to his Best in Show by Sherri Hurst.

Dragoon says “Hi Pop!”