Jade and Dragoon

Here is a picture of Jade and Dragoon at two days. It seems that Jade is a MUCH better mother than her mother, Ruby. Perhaps it was the fact that she was raised by her grandmother Gale from 2 weeks on.

In any event Dragoon is going to be a spotless puppy – as long as she doesn’t wear his skin off cleaning him 🙂

His Military Heritage

Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful name suggestions. I wish there had been a full litter so we could have used more of them. However, there is just one little guy and he only needs one name. And it shall be:


The Royal Canadian Dragoons are the first permanent army unit recognized raised and authorized by Canada after it became a nation. The unit however, can trace its roots back to the Calvary before the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. The unit has seen active duty in the Boer War, both World Wars, Korea, Germany, numerous peacekeeping missions, and most recently in Afghanistan, where seven members of the regiment have paid the ultimate price for freedom.

However, there is far more of a military connection for this little guy than just his name.

Dragoon’s grandmother, Ruby, is owned by my son, Cpl Michael Patten and his wife, LS Pam Patten. Both serve out of Halifax, Nova Scotia – Michael being Air Force, and Pam in the Navy. They have both seen active duty in the Gulf.

Because of everything that has gone on with Chris, and my stress level, Kathy Schwabe offered to raise this litter for me. Of course the litter has turned out to be a little smaller than we expected! 😉

This is Kathy’s son James (Cpl James Miller USMC) who did 3 tours in Iraq and is now Inactive Reserve,
and her daughter Jessica (Sgt Jessica Miller USArmy) who also did 3 tours in Iraq and is out of the Military on an Honorable Medical Discharge while on duty in Iraq.

So you can see why a puppy born on Rememberance Day HAD to have a proper military name.

The one other aspect of his name, is that it is close to a tribute for Chris also. Take out one “O” – and you have “Dragon”. All bases are covered.

More coincidences??

This is getting to be very very strange.

I met with some friends of Chris’ the other night, and afterwards I wrote them a note to thank them. In it I pointed out the blog postings where I have detailed all of these strange happenings.

One of them wrote me back with this message:

“The attachment above is from Page 299 of a 700pg hardcover Library Book called the “The Great Deluge” about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. I was reading it last night before “lights out” and said to myself I will “press on” to Page 300 before calling it quits. This morning, of course, the First Email I read at Work is Yours.
I trust you ( everyone) can download and read clearly the “scanned page 299.” It shows clearly my point.”

This is his “attachment”: (click on it to enlarge it to read)

Then this morning I was headed down to Toronto and realized that I would not make it to another PetroCanada station if I passed the one in Orangeville. I don’t usually use this one because it is out of the way, you have to go down the main street and around a bend because there is a large park there cutting off direct access from Highway 10. Anyone who has come up to visit from the south has probably passed this park at the south end of Orangeville – it is the one with the HUGE Canadian flag flying right at Broadway and 10.

I’ve never thought much about this park (except that there was a very high profile murder there about 6 years ago). I never even knew it had a name. On the west side of the park, by the gas station is a plaque with the park name.


From the town of Orangeville’s website:
Dragonfly Park is located on Town Line. Named in 2002, the park’s marshland is inhabited and known for its dragonflies. A nature pole, completed by the Headwaters Carving Club, illustrates the natural wildlife in the area and incorporates a dragonfly. The nature pole was erected in 1992 as part of the East End Beautification Project and has been the site of many Canada Day celebrations and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies. A brick walkway leads from the gravel path to the information pavilion and from the pavilion to the new wetlands boardwalk, both completed in 2000. The boardwalk, as it is developed, along with viewing platforms, will serve as an educational and recreational extension of the Town’s trail network. The area was originally known as Compass Gardens in 1998. The Mile “0” Cairn marks the headwaters of the Credit River and marks the starting point of this future trail. The Town of Orangeville and Credit Valley Conservation have teamed together to protect this valuable wetlands ecosystem to preserve its flora and fauna and create an accessible educational and recreational experience.

I now have to go back and explore it.

And BTW – I’ve decided on the new baby’s name….as soon as I receive a reply from someone I’ll post it 😀

Lest We Forget

Welcome to the world Little One.

Today is Rememberance Day (Veteran’s Day for our U.S. friends). At 3:20 this morning Jade (Hunter x Ruby) brought into the world a solitary son. Given the significance of today his registered name can only be Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget.

His Daddy is the latest U.S. Best In Show winner Powell – Am. Ch. Heart Of Gold’s Power Play.

Our wonderful friend Kathy offered to whelp this “litter”, which was bred before Chris got ill, for me, since I am not really capable of doing a lot right now.

If the puppy had been a girl I wanted to call her Poppy. Somehow that seems sissy for a boy.

So I’m open to suggestions for a call name. It should be something strong, and related to this special day and/or our military. Any suggestions?