We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming….

Rather than send out a bunch of replies, I’ll just post one message here.

Chris is back in the hospital, so we could use your well wishes!! We’re not sure if he will be sprung before the weekend is out or not.

Of course this has all flared up over a long weekend when no one is available so we are totally in the dark as to how they want to proceed.

The problem of course being that **I** am going into month end which means no time off. Add to this the complication of my knees and not being able to get up into the loft to throw down hay for the horses! 🙁 This is not being an enjoyable long weekend!

If anyone local is up to helping out..or knows anyone who could use a few days work..it would be greatly appreciated!!

You know how to reach us!

Dear Diary…… (by Echo-the-Career-Minded)

…I am getting to be a BIG girl now. I’m going to be 3 MONTHS soon, and so I think that I had better start thinking about what I want to do when I grow up.

There are so many possiblities!!!

I like to help Daddy and Mommy in the garden. And I’m learning my flowers really well! Maybe I could be a landscape architect!
Put that rosebush there! Move those rocks over here! Come on crew! Get to work! We don’t have all day!
Okay…we have to get these flowers watered! Let’s just move this sprinkler…….
….Ummmm….maybe not. Maybe I should do something where I stay a little drier!
If outside design isn’t my thing I could always try interior design or better yet FURNITURE REFINISHING!! I read in a book about how “distressed wood” is popular…. but Mommy and Daddy didn’t like that idea 🙁
I know! A traffic cop! I could be a real live POLICE DOG! Okay cyclists, look both ways before crossing the road. Be sure and wear your safety helmet.
Why can’t corgis be police dogs?
What’s an “ankle biter”?
I decided that maybe I should do something that takes advantage of my more natural abilities. THE CUTENESS FACTOR!! So Daddy entered me in a cutest pet contest.
Daddy says we got ROBBED! We came in second because the handler wasn’t cute enough or young enough. Hmmmm…. maybe I should find a better agent?
Daddy says he had the perfect job for me 🙂
I’m the company mascot! I get to go to work and meet all the customers and I get to go to car shows and be a judge!
Judging is very serious business and there are very specific things that you have to look for!
I like the colour of this one! It reminds me of the sun 😀
This one had an extra special luxury feature….a PUPPY CUDDLER!
This one wins the category for Best Shade Provider!
Well now that the big career decisions have been made I guess that I can just go on being my cute little self and wrapping all Daddy’s customers around my cute little puppy toes.
Gotta go….work beckons…

Puppy Playtime

We got some pictures taken while the puppies were having playtime together so here are a few of the kids.

Here are Corey (Yasashiikuma Encore Performnce) and Sam (Yasashiikuma Play It Again Sam) the two boys that we are running on from the litter from Hunter and Rocky. They are 11 weeks now. Corey has got the ear thing perfectly, Sam may need a little assistance.

Brogan is now 13 weeks and 50 pounds. He came to us 5 weeks ago at 28 pounds so he is basically gaining at the rate of 1/2 a pound a day. He’s already outgrown one crate and is close to outgrowing the second. We have three more sizes to go – the 48×36, the Midwest Giant, and the Midwest Colossal. Now if Donovan and Ruari could both fit into the Colossal, Brogan should not outgrow it!

Sam and Brogan playing “Catch the Rabbit”. This game will eventually evolve into “Herd the Wirehaired Cow” 🙂 Right now with Brogan sadly lacking in agility in comparison to the corgi puppies they lead and he follows.

I love this one. This is clearly a case of Sam trying to entice Brogan into some sort of mischief. This reminds me very much of Alanna and Penny as puppies – the Brawn and the Brains 🙂

This is Ember with Brogan. She is actually a couple of months older than he is and therefore is his major playmate. We only let him play with the little guys under supervision because he’s such a big klutz that an accident could happen all too quickly. But Ember keeps him in line and tells him when he’s too rough, putting him down to the ground. Hey Brogan!! CORGIS have up ears…wolfhounds have rose ears!!!

And this is a shot of Ember, just because 🙂 I love the way she looks in this photo – I just wish the posts weren’t in the way!

…He’s my Brother…

Hmmmm…..something is strangely familiar about these two pictures.

No, it isn’t the same puppy….

It’s the twins!

Even after separation for almost 3 months these two are still identical…right down to their preferred sleeping habits 🙂

On the left is Chief in B.C., on the right is Fergus in Ontario.

Is having to occassionally share a comfortable chair with a human being so badly abused that they need rescuing?. 😀