Dear Diary… (by Echo-the-Busy!)

….I didn’t realize just how busy it was going to be when I came to live with my new Daddy and Mom.

I have several duties that I must take care of as part of my daily routine.

First I must keep a close eye out for monsters in the garden. You never know when one might be lurking out there…
…but we have a really great slingshot! And if one of those monsters dares to enter the garden I’ll make sure to bean him with my new ball!

I go to the office with Daddy and make sure that everyone is doing their jobs properly. You just never know when someone is going to slip up and make a mistake and that could mean a lot of dog biscuits!
Looks like everything checks out just fine today, Dad!

Today I went to see my new doctors. They told Daddy I was perfect. But we knew that already. He didn’t have to pay good money to find that out!
Because I was such an especially good girl, Daddy took me on a special shopping trip! Can you guess where he took me?
Oh 🙁 I guess it isn’t that hard to guess.
Daddy bought me some special puppy stuff to chew on, and so did a lady in line 🙂 She must have liked my smile!
Daddy bought himself a special treat too, but I didn’t think he’d mind if I shared 🙂 Mmmmm…strawberry!
After a long day at the office its kind of nice to just come home and relax and take time to smell the roses, or the pansies, or the impatiens (I’ve got to learn this stuff…but hey! I’m just a dog remember! 🙂 ) There’s nothing a hard working puppy enjoys more than just lying around listening to her people talk.
Well goodnight everyone! This pooped puppy is going to bed!


Guess who?


Here I am at my new home in Michigan. Can you see my new family behind me? There are lots of hands now to give me all of the hugs and kisses a Princess deserves! And do you see my new collar? Daddy bought it especially for me! He said it is just me!

This is my new brother Shifter. I guess no matter where you go there are going to be boys. But at least he’s a BIG brother, so he can protect me from all of the wild animals and scary things. I just have to show him how cute I can be and …..

….HEY!! Isn’t that my leash?!?! It matches my new collar!! DADDY!!!!

Dear Diary …. by Echo Krause

We had company yesterday and lots of kids to entertain. They sure do have lots of energy and like to run around a lot! Did you see the cake Grandma made for Shannon? It looks just like ME! Now I’m not only a star of screen and stage, but of bakery too!

This morning Grandma took me and my brothers down to a special place called Guelph. Guelph is where they make veterinarians, so it has to be very special!! But we didn’t go for any more pokey things today we went to see a man who took our pictures!

Of course I’m the cutest, but Sam was a big show off today, and I think that they maybe got hoodwinked into thinking he had star potential. But that’s okay, because today I had the most important picture of all taken.

See my new daddy!!

When we got home from Guelph Daddy was already here waiting for me. He likes to cuddle puppies, and he’s going to take really good care of me. He even said he’ll let me use his computer so I can tell you what is happening in my life.

I have to go on another car trip now! Bye to everyone!!