Dear Diary… (by Echo, of course!)

…it was very exciting and scary here today. We got attacked by wild animals!!

They snuck right into our bed while we were sleeping!.
I woke up and noticed them first and sounded the alarm to tell those lazy boys to get up and protect our home
Pete was very brave and took on the Killer Shark single handled and wrestled it into submission!
Dover and Sam took on that giant grizzly bear and tag teamed him until he rolled over and exposed his belly!
Corey went fearlessly for the strange monster with the big yellow nose….
…and then kept a watchful lookout over all the beasts until I could get us help!

All is safe now….thanks to my early warning!!


What is your Shape/Colour/ Element/Personality ……

Life is an interesting journey, is it not?  Being able to read the roadsigns on the trip sure does help make the trip smoother.  

One of the things that I’ve always been thankful that CIBC did for (yes there is some thankfullness despite being fired within 30 days of my husband and father dying) – was that they gave me the opportunity to attend 2 week long seminars at the CIBC Leadership Centre primarily on Leadership and Team Building, but both with a component of self reflection that put into perspective for me WHY I have always felt like a square peg in a round hole.  Plain and simply, I was trying to fit into someone else’s mould of myself and just not quite making it.  I was in firmly enough to be stuck….but not at all comfortable and for the most part very exposed.

Fast forward to six years of learning, reflection and analysis of myself from every possible angle, and I’ve learned it isn’t too bad being me, although it isn’t always easy.  Unlike Kermit who sings “It isn’t easy being Green”, for me its “It isn’t easy being Blue/Green”. 


True Colours is just one of the Personality analysis tools that I’ve participated in. In that I’ve learned that I am a BLUE/GREEN-Gold-Orange, i.e. mostly a “nurturer” with an equal dose of curiosity followed by sadly lacking organizational skills, and very little of the clown in my life.

Another fun test is the Psychogeometrics test which assigns a shape to your personality type. According the them I’m a CIRCLE/BOX (a box with rounded corners???)

You are both well liked and respected by your colleagues. This is to be expected because of your friendly nature (Circle) and your efficient work habits (Box). You have the unusual ability to remain organized in the middle of chaos. Your files are cross-referenced and color-coded. Others often come to you for information. And, you have a positive attitude as well. You take time to stop and chat with colleagues, but you also make sure that your projects are completed accurately and on time. Both you and your desk are extremely neat and tidy. Your wardrobe is more functional than decorative and you prefer muted, solid colors such as grey or tan. To the outer world, you are the “dream employee!”

I wouldn’t agree with the files part (my desk is a disaster and I’m badly in need of an EA), bu the rest is pretty bang on.

However, they don’t see the price you pay to present this “perfect person.” You are a person with conflicting needs. You have a strong work ethic, but you also have strong social needs. Although you must work alone to meet your own standard of perfection, you often miss the camaraderie of working on a team. Work teams value the contribution of your knowledge and your communication skills, but you are too busy to attend last minute meetings. You plan every moment of your day down to the minute, so you hate sudden crises. Although you may join the crisis team and solve the problem with apparent ease, no one knows you will be working all night to make up for the lost time. When stressed, you are likely to withdraw for fear someone will see you are inadequate. Your main flaw is lack of self-confidence.

Who’s got the camera going in my office??

At home, you are very committed to your mate and are protective of your family. You are old-fashioned when it comes to traditional family values. You do not believe in divorce and expect a clean and efficient household in which tasks are equitably shared. You are patriotic and likely to attend church on a regular basis. Your friends are few, but they are very lucky to call you friend because, to you, friends are like family. They know that they can always trust your word and, when the chips are down, you will not desert them. You are generous, but prefer to give practical gifts. In your leisure time you enjoy the musical classics (from rock to Bach); reading preferences lean to historical novels and biographies; hobbies often include woodworking or handicraft projects. You are an excellent cook. You are a meticulous collector; whatever you collect will support you in your old age… along with your substantial savings.

Clean and efficient?? With Chris and the dogs?? LOL!!  I was known as an execellent cook at one time … I think that skill is getting rusty and I’m getting sick of chicken curry.

On to the Keirsey Personality Test I’m an ISFJ or what is known as a “Protector Guardian”. I don’ t mind being in the same league as Jimmy Stewart, but I wouldn’t exactly put myself in the same class as Mother Theresa.

This morning Deirdre forwarded me another link for personality evaluation – the 5 Element Theory. Given my Tree of Happiness post – does it seem at all surprising that I am nearly equal Water and Earth?

All these insights are wonderful. However, I have to admit that sometimes the problem is taking the theory and putting it into practice is the issue. For this, I’m going to suggest another sight that you may want to add to your blogroll for daily reading. Robin Sharma is a life coach, and I’ve been fortunate to attend two of his multiday seminars. The first – the Elite Performer Series – was coaching from a business side, and the second was a weekend (at the old CIBC Leadership Centre – now the Kingsbridge Center) on Achieving your Best Self. What I’ve learned from Robin was that I had a major misalignment of my priorities and goals, and while I’ve been successful at making everyone else happy, I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be myself. If you can ever attend one of his seminars, DO IT!! If not, you may want to read some of his books – starting with The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari. Or at least read his blog postings, you never know what he may say that may just give you an “AHA!” moment like they have me 🙂

So – what shape/colour/element/personality are you?

Another group placing for Chip!

Chip with Colin Brownlee handling at the Hamilton Kennel Club
Group 3 under Judge R.J. Glendinning.

The nice thing about this win is that his wife finished Chip’s championship by awarding him Best of Winners (and Best Puppy) at the Ontario Cardigan Fanciers Booster in December 2007.

What a difference 6 months has made to this little guy!

The Charlie Brown Post

This post is a little late in being written because its required some thought on my part….and thinking isn’t something that I’ve had a lot of time to do lately.

I’ve been given a Tree of Happiness award, and all of the responsibilities associated with it.  So apparently there are three tasks that I am required to do.  First I have list six things that make me happy, then name six others I want to pass the award on to, and finally, link to the person who passed the award to me, and all of those I am passing it onto.  The first task has been the most difficult.  What is the difference between happiness, contentment and thankfulness?  So I’ve been trying to  clearly define things that make me happy without running greatly overboard, so grouping things together.

Six Things That Make Me Happy

Babies – it doesn’t seem to matter if they are two legged or four legged. Whether they cry, bark, purr, neigh or moo, there is just something about babies that makes me want to stop whatever I am doing and soak in their essence. This can be troublesome on the way to work and home from work when I come to the corner of 9 & 124 – where there is a field full of mares with this years foals on the north side, and Red Angus calves on the south. There is one particular golden bay colt that just calls out to me, and I always have to stop and see if I can see him and his dappled grey mother.
The puppies in the whelping box – new lives that I get to bring into the world and watch them discover it day by day.  Starting from helpless, blind, deaf needy beings, to little devils with attitude.  It is innocence that still believes that the world is good, and not tainted by lifes pitfalls  <
Water – I can be on it, in it or sitting beside it  and still experience the same sense of peace.  Running water, such as waterfalls, or babbling brooks are the best…they just wash away all of the cares of the moment. Grouped into this has to be Canoe Tripping in Algonquin which puts me on the water for days at a time  
Algonquin Park When I need to get away and think, and need a place where I can really feel close to God and all of his creation this is where I want to go.  Even if I can’t spare the time to go into the interior I can usually find some sort of peace and answers to what is on my mind by hiking one of the smaller day trails.  The birds, the nature, the water, are all helpful to me.  
Horseback Riding – I’m not talking about going to a “rent a horse” type of place where one rents a strange horse for an hour and follows a guide nose to tail down a preset path. I’m talking about the building of an equine/human relationship that takes time and a meeting of the minds on both sides. Some people never have the opportunity to have that once in their lives, I’ve been fortunate to have it twice, first with Romeo and then with Manitou. It creates the type of riding where you can
go for hours into unknown territory without worry for your safety because you know your mount will carry you safely, and on the other hand he trusts that you will never ask anything dangerous of him. Being able to ride like this, in silence with only my horse for company has given me the opportunity to see many things that I would not have seen with a human companion because chatter would have scared the creatures I saw away – such as fox kits peeping over the crest of a ravine to watch me and then tumbling down the hill over each other, and does with fawns grazing in the bush
Disney – Yes, its expensive. Yes its a far trip and yes, if you go at the wrong time it can be a mayhem of children running amok. But the last time I was there, I got to be a child again for a few days without having to worry about all the adult day to day concerns, and I’m sure that was what Walt Disney intended. To create a magical place where adults can become children again, before returning to the reality and cares of their everyday worlds.
Making Others Happy I’m not sure who it was that said that you have to divide and share happiness in order for it to grow. I only know that in times of painful growth, the only thing that mitigates it is bringing happiness to others. The bitter and the sweet – such as the parting with a puppy that has been MINE for 8 weeks, to a family and seeing the joy that adding the new life to their family brings. With all the politics, the legalities, the sad times – it is only knowing that I am bringing joy to new families that keeps me going. 


So I have to thank Lavenderbay who is the “Voice of the Turtle” for making me take these moments of self-reflection (which have made me realize that I actually do very little now to make myself happy).

And I want to share the “Tree of Happiness” with:
Carolyn – who seems to be a step ahead in coming to her own realizations
Penni – who has her goals clearly in mind
Jenn – who has set off on a new frontier
Rob – a new friend with whom I can “talk corgi”
Jinnie – regular reader and commenter

Right now, unfortunately, that’s all I can come up with, anyone want to volunteer to be the sixth?.