Baby pictures at 6 weeks

I’m beginning to feel like some sort of reluctant jetsetter, and being too tired to get anything down in writing.  We did manage to get some pictures on the weekend and here they are.

First- the Chief – we only got a decent shot of one side

Miss Reba:



Sparky the reluctant:

Ember the also reluctant!


 This weekend is the Puppy Aptitude testing, shots and lots of company….so hopefully lots of fun shots to come

Personalities plus!

I am hoping we can get some pictures up before the weekend but I have to share some funny observations of the babies just in the past 4 days

Flicker aka Miss Small but Mighty or Flicker Licker – is catching up quickly now that they are on solid food.  Woe to any puppy who thinks that they can now muscle her out of the food dish…away from Mom, maybe.  But NOT away from the good stuff.   She is playful, but does not have any self-confidence issues at all and takes on any of the others who dare to interrupt her playtime or try to take a toy from her. However, picked up and cuddled all she wants to do is kiss.

Sparky aka Mister Laid Back – seems to have that “whatever!” attitude.  He won’t fight back, and lets the others pick on him.  This morning he was screaming because one of the others had his leg in their mouth and was biting him.  Rather than turn around and bite back he just screamed till he was rescued by me.

Chief aka The Lug – again a laid back puppy but this morning he showed some “Penny” in his heritage.  At  5 weeks he sits up and waves.  The first time I saw it I thought it was a fluke.  The second and third I realized he has a talent.  Its adorable!

Fergus is the devil of the three boys.  His main ambition seems to be to get the toys away from everyone else, and if that isn’t possible create his own using the bedding, the box, or anything else he can get into.  Trying to “frap” in a contained area and bouncing off the walls or fence is hilarious to watch and so far hasn’t done him any harm.  I think he could be the biggest handful, but once again time will tell.

Ember – seems to be the quietest of the girls.  Perfectly willing to rough and tumble, she doesn’t instigate it as often as the others.  But like Flicker she won’t back down from a challenge either.

Reba is Devilinadogsuit.  Her attitude is the same as Chip’s.  ME ME ITS ALL ABOUT ME.   She will shove the others out of the way to be first to be picked up, first to the food bowl, etc.  She is going to be strong willed I think. 

The date for the testing has to be firmed up, but Tennille has agreed to do the PAT for us again.  Hopefully we can get some of it on video.

First shots will be some time next week after I get back from Montreal (another business trip 🙁 )